Simon Xotta-Dickson


Simon’s dedication to achieving top-notch design results is clear through his exceptional skill in understanding clients and turning their ideas into practical architectural solutions. He not only considers their aesthetic preferences but also ensures the designs meet functional needs and project limitations.

A major strength of Simon is his deep grasp of construction processes and an eye for detail. This allows him to tackle design and documentation challenges uniquely, considering the feasibility of his ideas from a technical standpoint. By incorporating construction insight into design, Simon makes sure his concepts are both visually appealing and feasible to build.

Simon’s attention to detail extends beyond just the initial stages. He maintains precision during documentation, eradicating ambiguity. This meticulous approach not only streamlines construction but also boosts the overall quality. By merging construction know-how with attention to detail, Simon enhances his designs by proactively addressing potential issues and devising solutions that optimize functionality, durability, and sustainability. His thoughtful method leads to architecture that not only fulfills client goals but goes beyond expectations in both form and function.

Simon’s commitment to quality design is evident in his active listening, interpretation of client needs, and delivery of practical and enduring architecture. His extensive construction knowledge and meticulousness provide a strong basis for his design approach, empowering him to handle challenges with an informed perspective and create solutions that elegantly merge creativity and usefulness.



Blackwood High School Re-Development (9.4m) + Canteen, Conference Room & Landscaping ($3.5m)

Seaview High School Re-development ($16.1m)

Christies Beach High School Re-Development ($7.0m) + STEM Refurbishment ($3.2m) + Inclusive Education Unit ($5.0m)

Investigator College Senior School ($7.3m)



Belair Residence – Alteration and Additions ($1.0m)

Melrose Retreat – New Build ($750K)

James Brown Memorial Trust ‘Clovelly Park’ – 12x Dwellings ($2.0M)

James Brown Memorial Trust ‘Kalyra Village Extension’ 14x Dwellings ($10.0M)


Confident Kids – Early Learning Centre – Holden Hill ($3.1m)

Confident Kids – Early Learning Centre – Salisbury ($2.1m)

Genius – Whyalla Childcare ($4.5m)

Childcare and Early Learning Centre – Crystal Brook (2x Sites) ($4.5m)



Local Heritage: Walford Anglican School for Girls – ‘Reed House’ ($1.0m)

Local Heritage: Marryatville High School ‘Main Building’ ($100K)

State Heritage: Sauerbier House & Outbuilding ($1.0m)

State Heritage: 51-54 Palmer Place – North Adelaide Residence ($2.0m)



City of Marion – Capella Reserve Feasibility Study ($10.0m)

City of Salisbury – Yalumba Reserve Soccer Clubrooms New Build ($2.5m)

City of Salisbury – Paddocks Reserve Sporting Clubrooms New Build ($3.5m)

City of Port Adelaide Enfield – Largs Reserve ($10.0m)

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