Confident Kids – Salisbury Childcare

  • Location Salisbury, SA
  • Size 720 sqm
  • Completed 2019
  • Builder Partek Construction & Interiors
  • Photography Rudi Deco Photography
  • Sector Education + Early Learning

SMFA was engaged by the client to create a 114 place childcare centre in Salisbury, Adelaide.

The Confident Kids Early Learning Centre prioritised the placement of staff rooms along the front facade, ensuring supervision of the entry and carpark areas could be maintained. The Activity Spaces were strategically designed to open up to landscaped outdoor play areas, enabling abundant natural light and a strong connection to the outdoors.

The building frames and protects the main outdoor play space, allowing maximised visual connection from the internal spaces. A centrally located and glazed kitchen space with a servery enhances interaction between staff and children.

The result is a well-designed early learning center that fosters engagement, safety, and a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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