St Joseph’s Middle School

  • Location Peterborough, SA
  • Client CESA
  • Completed 2021
  • Builder SJM Carpentry and Building
  • Photography Sam Dougherty
  • Sector Education + Early Learning

Peterborough welcomes a new middle school, designed to meet the specific needs of students beyond year 6, with a focus on fostering a sense of community and providing pastoral care.

The new Middle School building at St Joseph’s School incorporates a single General Learning Area (GLA) that accommodates students in years 7-9, a makerspace and a food technology kitchen. The building aims to facilitate modern and hands-on learning experiences.

Strategically sited on the campus along South Terrace, separate from the main school campus, the new building enhances the presence of the School within the community. The intentional placement aims to maintain a unique identity for the middle school and instills a sense of ownership among the middle years’ students.

The new middle school in Peterborough represents a thoughtful approach to education, providing a dedicated space tailored to the needs of older students while fostering a strong sense of community and student empowerment.

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