Keller Road Primary School Admin Upgrade

  • Location Salisbury East, SA
  • Client Keller Road Primary School
  • Size 275 sqm
  • Completed 2023
  • Builder Keves Construction
  • Photography Tomek Photography
  • Sector Education + Early Learning

The refurbishment of the Admin Building at the Keller Road Primary School provided a spatially functional and revitalised administration building space for staff and visitors.

Working alongside the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, the refurbishment works at the Keller Road Primary School aimed to optimise the use of space, improve the building’s façade, provide improved staff facilities and integrate the Deputy Principal’s office into the Admin Building for better connection.


Being the face of the School to visitors and families alike, the Reception area was refurbished to create a more spacious and functional entry to the School, new staff facilities were provided to enhance the working environment for the staff, the under-utilised West Wing was refurbished to include new office and meeting space and the external facade was upgraded.

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