Golden Grove Tennis Club

  • Location Surrey Downs, SA
  • Size 200 sqm
  • Completed 2020
  • Builder Stride Construction
  • Sector Sport & Recreation
  • Client City of Tea Tree Gully

SMFA, in collaboration with the City of Tea Tree Gully and Stride, has successfully completed a multi-level clubroom project that brings a range of new facilities to the community.

The project includes the construction of clubrooms, equipment storage areas, amenities, a canteen, and administration spaces, providing a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of various stakeholders.

An important feature of the design is the central Kiosk, which serves as a versatile area for club activities and community engagement, while also offering views across the courts. Flexible access for both players and visitors was also prioritised, ensuring that both the community and the club can easily navigate and access the space as required.

The multi-level development not only provides essential facilities but also fosters public interaction, enhancing the overall experience for players and visitors alike. The project demonstrates how, through successful collaboration between the stakeholders, the designer and the builder, a flexible facility can be provided that serves the diverse needs of the community.

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