Christies Beach High School Middle School

  • Location Christie Downs, SA
  • Size 1505 sqm
  • Completed 2019
  • Builder Pike Constructions
  • Photography Sam Dougherty
  • Sector Education + Early Learning
  • Client DiT + Christies Beach High School

SMFA collaborated with Christies Beach High School to conduct a Learning Environment Opportunity Study (LEOS) aimed at enhancing the school's teaching and learning environments.

Following the initial Planning Study, a Concept Report was developed, outlining a series of interventions to transition the traditional Middle School into a more collaborative, investigative, and creative learning environment.

The final project encompassed several key elements, including the internal refurbishment of existing buildings to align with the new vision.

Additionally, a new Learning Street amphitheatre was introduced to foster a dynamic and interactive learning atmosphere. Furthermore, new outdoor learning areas and landscaping were incorporated to provide students with additional opportunities for experiential learning.

SMFA’s contributions to the project aimed to create an innovative and inspiring environment that supports the educational goals of Christies Beach High School.

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