Central Market Federal Hall Restoration

  • Location Adelaide CBD, SA
  • Size Facade Restoration
  • Completed 2019
  • Builder HSR Australia
  • Photography Rudi Deco Photography
  • Sector Heritage
  • Client Adelaide City Council

The Adelaide Central Market, a cherished landmark in Adelaide's heritage and cultural landscape, serves as one of the historic "bookends" to the bustling and renowned market.

SMFA were engaged to undertake heritage conservation works on the Grote Street façade of the Adelaide Central Market building, which stands as a bold and unmistakable symbol in the vibrant cityscape.

The preservation efforts undertaken have not only safeguarded the original design but also ensured its enduring legacy for present and future generations. The remarkable tuck-pointed brickwork, a distinctive feature, is a testament to the craftsmanship rarely seen on such a grand scale in South Australia.

By adopting a meticulous and sensitive approach to conservation that aligned with accepted heritage principles, and through close collaboration between the client, council, architect, and specialist builders, the project has revitalised the building and the overall retail market experience.

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