Bowden Lot 6003

  • Location Bowden, SA
  • Size 1,009 sqm
  • Completed 2024
  • Sector Multi-Residential + Commercial + Mixed-Use
  • Renders Mf Studios

Lot 6003, a five-storey commercial development in Bowden, presents an exciting addition to the area's urban landscape.

This contemporary building comprises a ground floor café, a gym tenancy, three levels of leasable space, and a rooftop terrace and bar, offering a diverse range of amenities for tenants and visitors.

As one of the first office developments proposed for Bowden, Lot 6003 seamlessly blends into the local context through its carefully selected material palette. The red brick base pays tribute to the area’s architectural heritage, while the steel screening lends itself to the industrial foundations of Bowden. The upper levels feature an aluminium façade, prioritising sun shading and energy efficiency.

The rare corner allotment, backing onto the railway with only one adjacency, takes cues from the surrounding residential buildings whilst maintaining a commercial identity. The rooftop terrace and bar provide a unique social setting, offering panoramic views of the surroundings and fostering a sense of community among its occupants.

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