Seaview High School Redevelopment

  • Location Seacombe Heights, SA
  • Client DiT + Seaview High School
  • Size Creative Design: 1,650 sqm | Performing Arts: 980 sqm | Building 2: 1,005 sqm
  • Completed 2021
  • Builder Badge Constructions
  • Photography Trim Photography
  • Sector Education + Early Learning

The Seaview High School Redevelopment Project was delivered as part of the Department for Education Capital Works program and included numerous stages, including a new Performing Arts Building, a new Creative Design Building, refurbishment of Building 2, the remediation of the Tennis Court, and Carpark works.

Stage 1 of the redevelopment included the construction of a state of the art Performing Arts Building. This facility was prioritised to enhance the School’s specialist dance program whilst also providing a new iconic building that directly interfaced with the wider community. The building features a welcoming foyer, large Multi-Purpose Hall including retractable seating for up to 300 people, specialist AV room, green room and changeroom facilities. Highlighting its dedication to the dance curriculum and solidifying Seaview High School’s reputation as dance education leader, the linked dance space includes three flexible dance studios separated by bi-fold doors for intimate or group dance sessions.

Stage 2 saw the transformation of Building 2, a previously unusable space into high quality learning facility for the School’s Senior students. The primary area of works, Level Three, has been transformed into a specialist year 12 space offering numerous General and Specialist Learning Areas and an extensive breakout space offering varying opportunities for group or personal study. Each of the adjacent spaces interconnect through the use of sliding doors and large panes of glass, promoting flexibility and transparency between spaces. The sliding doors allow spaces to be merged into larger teaching areas or closed off to provide smaller classes for specific learning. The refurbishment of this level also provided an upgrade to disability access, seismic and fire safety compliance to prolong the life of the infrastructure.

Located at the heart of the School, the Creative Design Building brings together numerous curriculums into a central creative hub. The building was strategically designed using a large yellow entry canopy, easily identifiable through the main pedestrian accessway of the School. The remainder of the building reflected the material palette previously implemented within the School in Building 1 (Reception Upgrade) and Performing Arts Building, both by SMFA.

The Building is split into three separate zones focusing on Technology, Home Economics and Visual Arts. The Technology spaces include General Tech Engineering Tech and Peddle Prix with direct access to a STEM Lab, Computer Suite and Breakout Area housing CAD software, 3D printers and laser cutters.

Comprising of the Arts, Creative Design and Specialised Learning Areas, the first floor is purely devoted to Visual Arts. These light filled flexible learning spaces offer students a variety of learning opportunities. Vibrant colours fill the learning and breakout spaces to promote creativity and exploration, whilst expansive windows provide views to the wider School.

The Seaview High School Redevelopment project has successfully transformed the school’s facilities into a vibrant and innovative educational hub for local and international students.

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