Our award-winning firm, comprised of a dedicated team of 36+ talented individuals, is renowned throughout South Australia for our expertise in architecture, heritage preservation, interior design, and landscape architecture.

At SMFA, we understand the importance of capturing our clients’ aspirations and seamlessly blending them with the unique opportunities presented by each site or building. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that our designs are considered, innovative, contextual, and people-oriented.

Drawing from our wealth of hands-on experience and pragmatic approach, SMFA has established a reputation for delivering practical, functional, and robust spaces that enhance the user experience without compromising on innovation or cost efficiency. Demonstrated architectural experience in civic, commercial, sporting, health, multiple housing, retail, heritage, education, tourism, and residential projects across all phases of the project. Our clients include a diverse range of institutional, government, and private organisations and individuals across a variety of project scales.

SMFA approaches each project with a philosophy that each requires individual attention relative to its site, client, end-users, and future visions. The appreciation of a place and building as an entity within its context is critical to the successful application of innovative solutions.

At SMFA we take a collaborative approach to all projects, facilitating the development of mutually rewarding and longstanding client relationships, and ensuring a highly consultative and engaging process every step of the way. We pride ourselves on developing lifelong relationships with our clients that extend beyond each project, built on trust and respect.

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