Sauerbier House

  • Location Port Noarlunga, SA
  • Client City of Onkaparinga
  • Size 350 sqm
  • Completed 2015
  • Builder Unique Urban Built
  • Photography CR3 Studio
  • Sector Heritage

Sauerbier House, a community-owned State Heritage Place with a rich history dating back to 1897, has been respectfully restored to its original condition for adaptive reuse.

Now known as Sauerbier Art House, it serves as a community hub that celebrates heritage, culture, and the arts through various initiatives such as artist-in-residence studios, exhibition galleries, and event spaces.

The adaptation of Sauerbier Art House was carried out with great respect for its heritage value. Non-original layers were carefully removed, allowing the original elements to be revealed and appreciated. The garden layout was interpreted and the verandah was repaired, revitalising the external features. Additionally, a new amenities area, decking, ramp, seating, and an equitable axial entrance were added to the West, providing enhanced accessibility and functionality.

The revitalised Sauerbier Art House now stands as a prominent contemporary arts space, reclaiming its visual prominence in the community. The redevelopment not only preserves the heritage of the unassuming building but also brings about economic and community benefits through conservation, adaptive reuse, and the promotion of cultural activities. It serves as an example of how the enhancement of a heritage-listed site can enrich a community and share the historical significance of the building for the succeeding generations to enjoy.

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