Reed House – Walford Anglican School For Girls

  • Location Hyde Park, SA
  • Size 550 sqm
  • Completed 2017
  • Builder G-Force Building & Consulting
  • Photography CR3 Studio
  • Sector Heritage
  • Client Walford Anglican School For Girls

SMFA were engaged to restore Reed House, a local heritage place as part of Walford's School Campus in Hyde Park, to its original state.

Built during the 1870s-1880s, the building showcases the design, details, and materials of the time, representing the adaptation of larger residences for educational purposes. The external restoration included reconstructing the roof and verandah, restoring decorative cast-iron work and timberwork, highlighting the intricate detailing of the era. Internally, new amenities and a compliant entrance were integrated, ensuring a seamless blend with the heritage fabric of the building.

As well as the external restoration works, internal works included a new fit-out and reconfiguration of the internal amenities. A new access-compliant entrance was established to the rear which was integrated sympathetically to the existing heritage fabric. Part of Walford’s Junior School, the works allowed the Reed House to serve a renewed purpose within the School and align the building with contemporary access compliance requirements.

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